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Some of my works

Highlight Projects

SanityChecker – Prototype for Human-aware Network Reliability Engineering
Nov 2014 – Jul 2016
Security Implications of the Complexity of Network Management and Administration in an Evolving Landscape
May 2013 – Jul 2015
Time-based algorithm for The Onion Router (TOR) traffic detection
Aug 2014 – Dec 2014
Development of Discrete Event Simulation Engine
Sep 2013 – Dec 2013
Software Defined Networking firewall implementation using Pyretic and OpenFlow protocol
Jun 2013 – Jun 2013
Java implementation of Go-back-N automatic repeat request (ARQ) scheme
Jan 2013 – May 2013

Work Experience


Principal Investigator (PI) for the computer networking lab at OUT conducting research in network reliability and security. Supervising Ph.D. students in Computer Networking and Security. Teaching Computer Security and Networking …

Research Assistant

Study the potential security threats in network administration and management in the conventional network, and devise secure models for designing future resilient network infrastructure based on Software Defined Networks(SDN).