Associate Director – e-Learning and Information Resources

    1. Developed and implemented a successful organization culture where every team member feel valued and included. This enabled the team to work together to tackle challenges that they did not believe they could, and most important our work place was a fun place to go to every morning.
    2. With this team of 54 staff we managed and maintained all university software and hardware IT resources.
    3. Inspired my team to customize and maintain Learning Management System. We were able to cut extensively the cost incurred in printing and mailing study materials to students.
    4. Monitored establishment of computer labs in 12 regions in Tanzania to make learning materials easily accessible to students with no computers/Internet of their own. This provided free Internet access to students in the rural areas of Tanzania, and enhanced enrollment, while reducing dropout rate from 25% in 2008 to 10% in 2011.
    5. Conducted research on how teaching and learning can be improved using ICTs. The research helped the university to reconsider (and increase) ICT budget.