We have a research project about SDN administration and management. Will put more details

We have a research project about SDN security. Will put more details

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In 2017/2018 academic year I am teaching three courses indicated below.

OIT 117: Data Communication and Networking I

This is an introductory course aimed at providing the students with an overview of the concepts and fundamentals of data communication and computer networks. Topics to be covered include: Internet standards and organizations, key terms in computer networks, introduction to data communication concepts and techniques, network topologies, layered network models (OSI reference model, TCP/IP networking architecture) and their protocols, various types of networks (LAN, MAN, WAN) and their protocols, introduction to wireless networking concepts, and network applications. The course also includes practical sessions to give students hands-on experience with basic networking tools.</>

OIT 215: Data Communication and Networking II

This is a level 2 course on data communication and networking where students explore the details of three key layers in the OSI model (i.e Data link, Network, and Transport). The details includes design issues, error detection and correction, protocols, Ethernet, wireless LAN, routing algorithms, congestion control, network addressing and subnetting, Interior gateway routing protocols, TCP, UDP, and performance issues. This course also introduce students to network security and network virtualization.

OIT 313: Network Design and Administration

This course covers the Top-Down Network Design methodology. The course provides practical and comprehensive guide to designing enterprise networks that are reliable, secure, and manageable. Using illustrations and real-world examples, it teaches a systematic method for network design that can be applied to campus LANs, remote-access networks, WAN links, and large-scale internetworks. In this course, you will learn to analyze business and technical requirements, examine traffic flow and QoS requirements, and select protocols and technologies based on performance goals. Students also develop an understanding of network performance factors such as network utilization, throughput, accuracy, delay, and efficiency.